Covid 19 – Positive

Covid 19 – Positive

Hey everyone.

I am writing this as a caution to those out there that think that Covid is a joke, or is 5G LTE or some other shit.

Many people seem to comment about it and talk about with many of them never having experienced it, yet.

I truly do not wish this virus on anyone. So here is my story.

I have been working right through this December as it was my standby year for December along with one of my colleagues. Hey I had gone months since being so sick the last time, I’m bulletproof. I carried on with all the precautions, washing, sanitizing, social distancing, sometimes to the extreme as body wants to get Covid 19, unless you are seriously mentally reranged,

So on the 23rd I first experienced feeling a little tired and run down, could have been work, could have been all the pressure that I have been under the last few months, but I took no notice of it. After all we where closing half day on the 24th and I was looking fwd to Christmas braai on Christmas day.

I woke up on the 24th and had this feeling that something was wrong, a dull fizzy feeling… Hmmm was I getting the Flu or something. Can’t be Covid as I have only been in contact with people at work and my everyday family at home. Must be the Flu or a cold right…

How wrong I was, I mentioned to my colleage on the 24th that I am feeling weird but thought nothing of it. Went home at 12 on the 24th December and went to have a lay down…… That is the last i can remember for awhile.

I know I woke up several times to try attempt eating and such but have very little re-collection of an of it.

25th I got out of bed, Shared gift opening and went straight back to bed. Slept through my Christmas and new years.

The Symptoms…. EISH. Here goes.

Started with the tired weak feeling, progressed to battling to breath, sore throat, my eyes feeling like they where swollen to more than double their size. A headache like none other and more body pains, I felt like I had run the comrades, on my hands, twice while freezing my ass off.

Imagine being so sick that you barely eat. Everything looses its flavour and smell and everything starts to smell like old meat. Juice tastes like old sewer water.

Eventually you just stop eating for fear of needing to run to the toilet again.

This went on for what felt like an eternity. I eventually spoke to my doctor who listened to my symptoms then sent me for a test which confirmed what I already kind of knew, that I had Covid 19 with some very bad symptoms.

I sit here now on the 8th of January, Still weak, still fizzy headed and still battling with the damn dry cough that wont let up. I get going but by midday I can no longer read anything and start feeling the toll of the coughing all morning as my sides and chest ache.

I take every medicine to relieve these but nothing really works except to close your eyes and just rest.

I only hope that after this weekend, On Monday that I can truly start picking myself up and feeling better. Today is day 15 and according to many, may still be early days on the healing process.

I am lucky for one thing, my taste and smell have started coming back.

Stay safe everyone. Its not worth it.

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