This Weeks EDC – Week 2/3 December 2020.

This Weeks EDC – Week 2/3 December 2020.

Hey everyone.

So for the past week and a half I have been carrying these items everyday including on my outing to the mall on the 16th (Public Holiday) and have quiet enjoyed having them close at hand.

My folder came in handy for my afternoon braai as well on the 16th, but today is the 17th so I decided that I would post an EDC blog post for the past one and a half weeks.

So firstly my Wallet.

Leather Wallet from Senqu

Then my dodgy pocket folder, except for yesterday when I carried the Honey Badger Flipper.

Dodgy Pocket Folder

The multitool worn on my hip while at and in my backpack while at the office is the Leatherman Surge. I have also added a small high powered torch to the pouch as you can see below.

Leatherman Surge New Model with LED Lenser

My Usual Car keys which include a mini re-chargeable LED Lenser torch as well.

On my left wrist, I am wearing the Leatherman 2017 Limited edition watch with black leather strap.

Leatherman 2017 Limited edition Watch

On my right wrist I am wearing my Leatherman tread Stainless Steel.

Leatherman Tread Stainless Steel.

And lastly I am also wearing a new haircut…. 😀

Rocking the new haircut with my daughter milling in the background.

I hope you all have an epic festive season and are getting everything done that you need to do.

Have a great one.

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