This Weeks EDC – Week 1 December 2020.

This Weeks EDC – Week 1 December 2020.

Hey everyone.

So its week one in December 2020 and I thought it about time I change it up again. I have decided that I would like to do a new weekly post, called This Weeks EDC. So here is the first of the series. I will also start doing weekly EDC videos on Youtube for those that prefer more visual EDC videos.

So for this week I decided that I will, for the first time, carry a knife which I purchased and recently found out was a Fake Model and see how it holds up. More on that in a bit. So here goes this weeks EDC Loadout.

  • My Two Favourite Leatherman Multitools. The leatherman Wave and the Leatherman Surge (New model)
Leatherman Wave 1 on the left and New Leatherman Surge on the right.
  • True Crafty – Stanley Blade Knife
True Crafty Replaceable blade Knife.
  • Spyderco Pocket Folder (fake)
Pocket Folder that I have found out is Fake.
  • LED Lenser and Small Multi Tool
LED Lenser and small multitool with Paracord keyring on my car keys.
  • My Tempo Wrist Watch
Tempo Wrist Watch with Nato Strap
  • Leather Wallet
My Leather Wallet

There are a few other items, which for personal safety in South Africa, I would rather not mention or talk about.

But for the most part, these are items I use daily for work and for everyday use. I mentioned I would discuss the fake Spyderco.

I was disappointed at the overall build and construction, and never owning one did not know any better. I have however handled one of my friends Spyderco folders, which told me straight away this is a fake model.

Do not trust flea market vendors who promise things are original. Lesson learnt and it makes a good beater which I can abuse.

I will soon purchase the proper Spyderco model and be happy.



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