My 3 Favourite Tools for EDC

My 3 Favourite Tools for EDC

Hey Everyone.

We all have our favourite items we like to carry on us daily, whether it be our trusty pocket knife or something else.

Being an engineering type, I tend to lean towards certain tools which I carry on me at all times during a working day. For me there are 3 items which I find myself using all the time.

  • Leatherman Wave (First Generation).
  • MTech – MT-A1080 Clip pocket knife.
  • True Crafty Utility Folder Knife.

I use these tools for all sorts of things from cutting an apple to stripping wire, opening boxes or fixing many things. The wave has a full bit driver so tends to be used for all sorts of jobs from mounting firewalls and switches to opening the back on my watches.

The MTech is more my personal biltong knife and is always close at hand while the crafty tends to be my most used pocket tool for opening boxes, cutting, stripping and scrapping. The joy is if the blade gets blunt we just pull it out and install a new one at little cost.

I have many other multitools and knives which are used at various times but these 3 are the ones I carry on my working days.

Cheers for now.

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