Heading into Nov 2020 and closer to 2021

Heading into Nov 2020 and closer to 2021

Hey everyone.

2020 has been a year for the record books. In fact 2017/2018 seemed to have been the start to the constant bad news, bad circumstances and strange things happening.

For me 2017 and 2018 have been the worst years of my life, including the Covid Lockdown of 2020. The lockdown was not great but I lost so much less with the lockdown than what I did in 2017. Yes I still regret much of what happened but I cannot keep on trying and letting everyone down.

I need to let everyone find and be happy without me.

I am truly hoping that 2021 brings some good news and good things as the last few years have been mostly bad news and work. For those that don’t know, my blood pressure issues have gotten so much worse than what they have ever been but I will continue trying to improve my health. There is no point moaning about something which I could actually sort out just by taking some action. So take some action I shall.

I have been slowly starting to feel more positive about life lately and trying to dig myself out of the ditch I put myself in. Many have no idea what all has been going on yet they judge and insult. I keep trying.

I was, up until this Sunday, feeling rather positive about life. I was feeling hopeful and happy which for me, despite the image I put out, is a huge change. Then something as small as the tap cutting my wife’s finger open and me checking the taps closely made me realize that there is an issue which I was not even aware of. Why is all this kak shoved under it, was not there before.

Anyway it went from me wanting to replace the stupid poly pipe for the proper copper pipes to fix it properly, to that “xyz” has already bought the pipes (Poly again) and I said but I would rather do it properly then it went into a full on argument over who has the bigger dick. Are people really this childish now days? I just don’t want the same shit being put in that caused the current issue. I want to do it right and not a BobberJob. Why is that now so wrong?

I see wires running illegally across roof panels, to fixtures that legally require earth, and yet I am wrong to not want this person to fix the pipe???

I ahve no idea what world people are living in, but I for one do not want to be around when the house burns down and insurance refuses to pay as the electrical is not up to code.

I think that despite wanting to fix what my dad promised is mine, I should rather just let go and let it go… As much as that hurts, its better to let go and move on rather than be hurt and disappointed my whole life.

Hopefully 2021 will be a much better year.

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