Building a Youtube Studio

Building a Youtube Studio

Hey everyone.

So after an attempt to get some leave and rest my wary bones was denied, I have had to keep pushing through. My Blood Pressure is through the roof, My eyes are messed up because of the stress and blood pressure. This month I will be putting a bunch of projects on hold to get my eyes sorted out and my Blood pressure under control. No point having tons of toys but being dead or blind.

I am in the process of rebuilding my Youtube Studio and for that I need to sort out Audio and Video recording and get it up to a standard that I am used to.

For the most part I have the PC and audio side of things sorted. I still need to purchase some additional audio stuff as well as a DSLR camera for the video, however the camera I have found. I have it ready for collection at the shop. I just need to find a second set of studio monitors and the audio will also be sorted.

Once I have the above items I will be good to go with the Youtube studio once again and will start producing 2 to 3 videos per week focusing on the IT industry, routing and switching tips and tricks, PC gaming and PC reviews and news. Basically Geekology.

Thanks for all those that do frequent my blog here and also support my Youtube Channel and Podcast. Thanks for all the support guys. It means a ton to me.

Much Love


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