Life on Lockdown

Life on Lockdown

Hey everyone.

So here we are on the 16th of June 2020. Lock-down has been going since 23 March and we are nearly 3 months in since it started. So much of the world as we know it has changed during this 3 months. Some for the better and some not so much. For one thing, during lock-down I pushed myself even harder than normal and worked pretty much on my own with the help of one or two of our team members. This went on for awhile. Many had some leave, many where forced to take leave. I was not given an option and worked through it all.

During lock-down, I found I was not enjoying doing everything on my work laptop. I wanted more. I invested in an Asus Tuf Gaming Laptop, so that I could get more work done and could start rendering my youtube videos etc. This was awesome but still not quiet enough. At some point I realized I wanted a powerhouse desktop machine so I built one. I really enjoy using this new powerhouse desktop but will also keep my new Gaming Laptop for when I want to do mobile work or work away from home.

Then 1 month in I started getting extremely ill. I found myself progressively getting worse and worse to the point of coughing myself almost unconscious. It took 5 weeks for me to get almost over that and today I am almost over that except for some fluid buildup on my lungs which will take time to clear.

Then came the chest pains last Sunday. Severe chest pains. I thought maybe they are just muscle pains. Guess what… This time they where not… 🙁

I went to see the doctor and anyone who knows me knows it takes a lot for me to see a doctor. Honestly I was terrified. As I sat in the doctors waiting room, the nurse asked me to come through to check my BP. They put the cuff on me as I relaxed in the chair. A few moments later I hear loud beeps, alarms. She walks back in, looks at me with a perplexed look as I jokingly said, its probably high again, thinking maybe 150 /90 or 160 /90 as is usually my peaks. She shook her head and gave me the reading 203/120. Her words, this is a medical emergency.

Anyway I went in to see the doc, now even more concerned. He walked in, asked me whats up. I said I have been experiencing some chest pain and further said, “Maybe its due to that elevated BP”, He looked at the chart and I saw his smile drop to an almost panicked look. He called for an ECG and some blood tests which where done. He also gave me a prescription for almost R1000 worth of meds which I am never to not take again.

I am went off on my way, happy that I should survive but concerned as having my BP ride so high has caused irreparable damage to my body, my eye’s for one are now permanently fuzzy, will they ever come right? Who knows. I can no longer read my phone due to this BP issue.

I only hope and pray that we manage to get this BP down and under control as I no longer feel like a 20 year old. I am starting to feel my age now.

Then to put icing on the cake, my sister and her husband are now getting a divorce. What a shock and so unexpected.

I pray that everyone comes out of this lockdown in one piece as things are really getting hard out there.

And yes, I am still working from home. I am burnt out though as I find that working from home makes me work longer hours than I have ever worked before.

Take care everyone.


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