Self Discovery – Learning

Self Discovery – Learning

Hello everyone.

As we near the end of yet another week of lock-down here in South Africa, I am taking the time to reflect on the last 2 years. Over the last 2 years alone, I have gone from being broke to being a successful network, cyber-security and server architect. Those who have known me or followed me for awhile will know I had a semi-successful business running for a few years. I was also a professional photographer which helped fund the startup of my first real company Evione (Pty) Ltd. Unfortunately through some of my own bad decision making, Evione is no more and despite all the regrets over things that happened with Evione and surrounding Evione’s demise, I have had to quickly re-adjust my expectations from life and, it would seem, from people as well.

Although I have the required mindset and knowledge to quiet easily start another company, I have made the decision to rather stick the coarse with the company I have been working for for the past year and 6 months. They really have, over the last few months, taken the time to really get to know me and my capabilities and I rather enjoy working with them. There is one thorn in my side and unfortunately I can see that thorn will one day be the reason that I move on from an otherwise amazing place to work.

I have over the last year been on a serious learning drive. I have always been one who likes to know and understand everything about everything and found myself studying several vendor certifications and successfully passing them. I am still doing several and constantly upgrading my knowledge and skill set, some with the help of my employer and some on my own. I do after all still want to be the king of knowledge and in order to retain that title, I have to constantly work hard. The next few months will see me buckle down on my Cisco Certifications, Microsoft Certifications and several other vendor neutral certifications which I would like to acquire. It will also see me making some life changing decisions. Yes, it took a full blown international plague for me to actually sit down, re-assess where I am headed, and start re-adjusting the coarse.

Today was really a large turning point for me. I have been wanting to please everyone yet constantly drop the ball and now its time I start changing the way I deal with day to day decisions. I really need to purchase one more cell phone, mid range price, then I need to purchase a Desktop PC. After this all that is needed is several upgrades to my hardware that I will then have and I am good for the next year or so. I just hope I can stay the coarse.

Today I found myself making some really reckless decisions which would only lead to sadness, depression and negativity so I decided it was time to put the brakes on. Going down that path is only ever destructive and hurtful.

It time to look up and look forward to the few years that I have left on this rock. Its time to try and be positive instead of always seeing the bad side. Its time to remove any negative people from my life, and if that means changing jobs over it, then so be it. I have to look after my mental health before I worry about other peoples feelings after all and me working with a Narcissist is a bad decision as one day ill snap and cause some serious damage, probably ending up in a lot of trouble with the law in the process.

Anyway, I hope you all are keeping safe and happy at home during the lock-down.

Just some quick news. I have been preparing several new VLOGS and BLOG posts which I will be releasing pretty soon.

Cheers for now.


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