The Sad Truth – Covid 19 Lockdown.

The Sad Truth – Covid 19 Lockdown.

Hey everyone.

I hope and pray that everyone is keeping safe out there while we go through yet further lockdown orders. Times are not easy, and some of us have been through some pretty hectic stuff over the last few years, to now be going through this is really does make one wonder a few things.

I feel for the millions of people out there who do not have the means to keep themselves safe and indoors. I feel for the millions who do not have decent incomes with which to purchase food and much needed supplies. I feel for those who are going through hard times, I know how difficult life can be and have been close to the point of giving up a few times before.

All I can say is hang in there. Things will get better. The world will improve. South Africa will go through massive change over this Corona Period and I feel that good things may come of it. Right now I will admit I do not see much good in it but I know in my heart that things will only get better but before this happens, they will need to get worse.

We are all very worried about our livelihood, our health and the health of our family, friends and loved ones. It really is unprecedented times.

Hang in there and pray hard. Ask the universe to guide you throught this difficult time and to get your loved ones through it.

I know I have a few people in my heart that I am worried about and I pray daily that they are safe and ok.

Take care everyone.


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