Tips for Working From Home

Tips for Working From Home

Hey everyone.

With the Covid 19 virus causing lock-down’s all over the world, including here in South Africa, many full time employees are being asked to work from home until this lock-down ends. At this point we don’t exactly know exactly when it will actually end.

I am a full time Seniour Network / Server / Cyber Security Engineer with my current company and I have one of the best home networks that money can buy. Well actually money cannot buy it, unless you have a SNR Network engineer build it for you as well.

Firstly I have Enterprise Class 200Mbps/200Mbps 2:1 fibre as well as Enterprise Class 50Mbps/50Mbps 1:1 Fibre. These are held with 2 completely seperate ISP’s to ensure redundancy. I also have a MTN Fixed LTE connection which I use for my voice and as a 3rd tier failover for the fibre links.

I do not have much in the way of a home PC, but I do have my work laptop and my own personal laptop. Both of which I am using while working from home. I also have my 10.5 inch Samsung Tablet and my mobile phone. On the last day before lockdown, we where also asked to take our work VOIP phones home and plug them in at home so that we could be fully functional at home.

Here comes the hard part. Not everyone has the proper mindset for working from home. Not everyone has the same outlook on business. I for one come from running my own company so I have the mindset of “I am never fully off duty”as running your own business often times means working day in and day out until late at night getting solutions working for clients. This is where I come from. Some staff however look at this whole thing as a way of relaxing and taking paid time off as nobody can really see what they are doing.

Actually my company does have a monitoring system which enables them to get reports on our team however my advanced firewall with layer seven filtering will not allow it out. Its not that I hide things, but I do value my privacy at home and being a Cyber Security architech and a White Hat Hacker for the last 30 years has taught me its better to be safe than sorry. Bottom line is my time is better spent getting the work done, rather then taking time to find out what ports it needs and temporarily allowing it out. Also I am only using my work laptop for email and as a SIP phone alongside my Yealink Desk Phone. So either way…. Meh.

The one thing that is important for us whom are working from home should realize is that our companies rely on us to keep them afloat. If everyone adopted the “Ja lets take a holiday”attitude, many of us would not have jobs to come back to. Think about that.

Anyway, enough ranting. Now back onto topic. It is important that we set aside a space at home that we call “The Office”. This designated area needs to be known to all as work and that people should not bug you while you are at work unless absolutely necessary. I am not saying ignore your family, but make them realize you are at work and should not just walk in singing or such as you may be on a call with a client or worse, on a video conference. Just imagine.

I have spent a week at work, working mostly on laptop but this weekend I decided that seeing as we still have 2 weeks to go, I needed a more designated space so I set this space up.

I decided to setup a small desk area properly with my 24 Inch Dell LED Monitor, external Keyboard and Mouse and am ready to rumble on Monday morning. In fact I am almost looking forward to getting stuck in. BUt for today, I rest and relaxy.

Have a great and productive week everyone and I am sure I will post another VLOG or BLOG post before the next weekend.

Take care and be safe.


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