COVID 19 LockDown – South Africa – Day 7

COVID 19 LockDown – South Africa – Day 7

Interesting time to say the least.

So its Thursday 2nd April 2020 and we are officially in day 7 of lockdown. One full week under the belt already. Two more to go. I just thought I would talk a little bit about the issues I have experienced and how I have seen things over the last few days.

On the 31st of March, Tuesday I was paid so had to make a plan to stock up on monthly groceries. I did not go on any sort of spending spree or anything but did get a little more than usual as I do not plan on going out again. I went after 8pm to the one shop that is open 24 hours and joined the que at 20h30. It was not too long and by 21h30 I was inside the store with my trolley doing my shopping. Yes I went alone as I think it is stupid and spiteful to take the whole family with as then one family has 2 or 3 people walking around keeping the shopper company while 2 others who could be doing their shopping must stand outside and wait. VERY SELFISH.

So anyway. I got on with my shopping, alone, and filled the trolley with everything we need to get through this lockdown and a little more in case. Paid for my goods, battled alone to the car, packed all into the car and was physically and mentally exhausted by this time. Please note that I am still working my full day just that I am working from home so Yes I was tired.

Got home, packed everything away after cleaning it all. Then settled down and off to sleep. Next day I headed out once more to try go to the chemist and ja no… Not going to happen.

Besides dealing with 2 deaths in my wife’s family I have also had to deal with the death of one of my fur kids Phoebe. She has been with me for 11 years and it was hard to say goodbye. In fact its still hard. My heart aches but I need to be strong for Heidi and for Christine who need me to be strong. God please give me the strength as I do feel like I am on my last tether. 🙁

Anyway that leads me to today, I am sitting here early this morning typing this blog post, planning my work day. We officially start at 8am but I am usually up and running by 7 which is in 20 mins. I have already completed some of my morning checks and think I am ready for the day.

Well until tomorrow, I hope and pray that you are all home and safe and that you all stay safe during these trying times.

Take care and god bless all of you.

May the universe protect you and guide you through these difficult times.

Merry Part and Merry Meet.


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