COVID 19 LockDown – South Africa – Day 1

COVID 19 LockDown – South Africa – Day 1

So today, I managed to sleep in a little later than usual. Yay.

Today was officially the first day waking up to this lockdown. My mom had to head out into the world to go and get groceries and we also woke to the news that Covid 19 had taken its first two South African victims who died in the western cape.

I jumped onto my work as normal, millions of calls and messages later and I finally have a moment to put some words down.

Honestly I have not been paid and there is almost no food in our home and I only pray that once I am paid, that we can actually safely go out and stock up on some food and essentials.

Despite the crazy amount of work coming in, I still feel pretty confident that we can, as a family and as a country fight this thing. We just have to remain diligent and keep safe. Keep away from people. Keep distance and Lock Down.

Keep safe everyone.


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