Days Leading up to the Covid 19 Lockdown in South Africa.

Days Leading up to the Covid 19 Lockdown in South Africa.

There is much that can be said for the past few days leading up to today. It is now just under 1 hour remaining before we go into Lockdown in South Africa under presidential order.

The days leading up to this lockdown have been stressful, fearful and pretty much soul destroying. In the IT industry, everyone always leaves things to the last minute so I have spent the entire week building remote access solutions, VPN solutions across all brands of hardware from Mikrotik to Sophos XG. Luckilly I have a great team of techs and engineers who I work with so once these where setup, I was able to hand over to our team so that they could assist with getting all the users setup on their laptops and desktops which they where taking home.

Now the first thing that comes to mind to me is that this sort of thing only happens in the movies. Is this real. Well yes it is. We all need to stay safe and secure until our country can recover from this threat. Yes I know things are difficult and it really is trying times but hopefully god will hear out prayers and guide to safety through this difficult time.

I have a very advanced home network so am fully able to work from home in my full capacity without any drop in service level to our clients so I am quiet ok but my mind wonders about the uncertainty of the rest of the team, our mobile techs and engineers. They are all going on leave and I only hope and pray that things come back to normal pretty quickly. It is going to be difficult working from home but at the same time this will give me the opportunity to spend some much needed time with the family.

When things do settle down from the initial mad rush, I hope to maybe take a few days off and just chill and rest and prepare for when we open again.

My job entails me working, mostly remotely on servers, firewalls, SIP servers and infrastructure. This is my forte. Voice, Servers, Cyber Security, Firewalls, VPN’s and much much more. This is where I excel.

My final thoughts for today on this lockdown. As the time ticks closer to the actual lockdown, my mind wonders over all the movies I have ever watched and although it seems irrational, I still cannot help but wonder… But then again this whole situation is something that none of us ever thought would happen to us. Not in our lifetime with modern medicine.

All I can say is that in 45 mins we lockdown. I will Blog daily with my experiences working from home as well as doing my day to day stuff.

Stay safe everyone and take care.


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