Another Addition to the Home Network.

Another Addition to the Home Network.

Hey everyone.

So you may have guessed it but I am on the hunt for a more powerful core router / firewall for my home network.

I am a full on Mikrotik fan for my personal stuff and I work extensively on Sophos XG, Gateprotect and PFSense in my work environments so I manage to get my hands on a second hand Gateprotect GPX850 Firewall. If you are familiar with Gate Protect you will know their licencing is crazy expensive and their older appliances are no longer supported by the latest updates. So here is a fairy decent firewall appliance with no possibility of being utilized fully, or is there a way? Yes there is…. Once again PFSense to the rescue.

I created the Boot USB on Rufus, plugged a screen into the device with a keyboard and mouse, plugged in the created USB and installed the PFSense firewall software. All installed flawlessly without any issues.

So now Ill be testing this appliance with its new lease on life and will let you know how it goes….


Oh and another cool thing. A close friend gave me an HP 24 port Gigabit managed switch… Time to play some.

Have a great weekend further everyone.

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