Home Network Finally Reaching Completion.

Home Network Finally Reaching Completion.

Hey everyone.

So finally I have landed my server rack and have started racking everything that was laying around the home and lounge. About time. Slowly things are starting to fall into place and look near. The final upgraded fibre is in, the rack is in and has been setup to around 75% so far. A little more config work to do then I can start pushing the cables through the house for the Unifi APS.

The setup from top to bottom is as below:

  • ZTE LTE MTN Failover Router / Voice Router.
  • Mikrotik 3011 Router – Spare.
  • Mikrotik RED 2011 Router with Wifi – Home Network.
  • Mikrotik CRS326 Cloud Core Swich – My Core Switch.
  • Cisco 24 Port Managed Switch, VLAN networks.
  • Cisco 1900 Router with Additional LAN Cards. Lab Router.
  • Cisco 893F Router – Voice VLAN Router.
  • Cisco 48 Port Managed Switch. Lab Switch.
  • Fanvil X3S Voip Phone.
  • Mikrotik HexS Router with SFP.
  • Old Cisco Router, used as a shelf.
  • UPS Unit.
  • Sophos XG85 Firewall.

My HexS remains my core network router due to the way I enjoy using Mikrotik hardware. Plus for me the router OS is more scriptable than most. Meaning that if it does not do it out of the box, it can usually be made to do it.

Then my main network switch is my CRS326 CloudCore Switch running RouterOS in place of switchOS. I prefer RouterOS and find it much more powerful to use.

I have my UNIFI network AP’s connected directly to the CloudCore Switch. I also have various VLANS running off the core router and Core Switch. The 24 port Cisco Switch connects to the core as a primary router as well but on a different Network range.

Then there is the Cisco LAB which includes my Cisco 1900 router with 48 Port switch. I use this for setting up various test and network labs.

The 24 port Cisco switch carries 3 VLANs for my servers and Hosted devices. It also contains my IOT connected devices.

Then we have VLAN 5 off the core router and switch which routes down to the Sophos XG. This then has an internal LAN network that it dishes out over a seperate wifi network and is used for guests connecting to my network. Its also used for my daughter who I need to monitor what she sees on the internet.

I am still in process of finishing everything up but so far so good.

More posts to follow 🙂


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