My New Toys…

My New Toys…

So where does one begin with explaining the devices that they love using. I’ve gone from having many to having none and am slowly getting them all back.

Here I am going to talk about the devices and toys I am currently using to make my life a little easier and I’ll give the reason that I use each one.

First off, the Samsung Note 9. This is my main phone used for work as it allows me to work seamlessly between PC notes and this phone. It allows me to draw network diagrams and send them onto the team with ease. It also has a nice large screen which is great for reading and replying to emails etc. Love this phone.

Galaxy Note 9

Secondly I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I keep this phone more for personal use and for taking photos. It’s also what I use to record my blogs and YouTube videos in 4K. It is one seriously amazing phone with insanely awesome cameras.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

3rd is my Samsung Tab A 10.5 inch tablet. This thing is almost as powerful as my laptop and I find myself using this more often than my laptop for doing quick Mikrotik, Cisco or Sophos changes on the nice large screen.

Galaxy tab A 10.5

4th is my little Apple iPad 8inch which i use for notes, meetings etc. Its just a great size to carry around. Also it allows me to make use of some great iOS apps.

Despite the above tech I am still a fan of pen and paper when making notes. Nothing digital can replace it for me…. yet…

I also wear a Samsung Galaxy watch which is paired to my Note 9. Despite swearing off smartwatches as I tried various including the Huawei watch gt, this watch I have found to be very useful. It allows me to check what’s going on without whipping my phone out. A great piece of hardware.

I also carry 2x digital multimeter, the Fluke 117 and Fluke 177. I keep these handy for all sorts.

All the above is my own personal stuff.

I also carry a work issue Asus Core i5 laptop for doing more intense work but I find myself using it less and less.

As you can see I love my gadgets. Speaking of gadgets.

I just got my wife the Huawei p30 pro which I will review in video quite soon. It’s amazing.

Huawei P30 Pro

So that’s pretty much it.

Watch this space for reviews of these items coming soon.

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