Sunday thoughts.

Sunday thoughts.

So it’s Sunday again. Another week passes and more and more I wonder what gods plan for me is. I cannot keep up this pace for much longer and I’m pretty sure god is not trying to kill me…

Am I actually on the right path? Then as I have these thoughts I think about the amazing team that I get to work with. These guys always have a smile to give or a happy word at hand despite them also dealing with a lot of negative pressure. I can’t abandon these guys. My boss, I cannot abandon him, he truly is a caring and amazing person and I feel that despite any negative thoughts, I am where I am meant to be. But am I doing what God intended me to do in this place? Now I’m asking the right questions. Do I stand idly by or do I take up the challenge and help us all get to the next level? Again now I’m asking the right questions…

Please lord, guide me in the right direction, show me what it is you will have me do. Show me the way lord. Guide my hands, my heart and my soul. Help me to stand against evil in all its forms.

Ah men.

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