Overworked – Things Need to Change.

Overworked – Things Need to Change.

In the fast paced word of IT, things change every minute of everyday. This is a fact of the industry.

Those of you who know me, know I am like a machine who just never stops. What you don’y know is that I suffer from severe hypertension brought on by massive amounts of stress.

The job that I do should not be this stressful but I have had the luxury of having to perform for 3 people over the last few months. The doctors say this cannot be done for extended periods without having a breakdown or burnout. I thought my leave would help….

I went on leave for almost 2 weeks, in that time I was relaxed and was only contacted for help by my colleges 4 or 5 times while I was on leave. So some would say I had a good rest. WRONG.

I felt pretty rested and was doing well, BP was coming down and headaches where starting to subside. All of that was undone by 1 week back at work… WHY?

Because everything that was “Too Complicated” was just left for my return. So now I end up having to pile on additional work while keeping the severely understaffed help-desk running. This all needs to change and soon.

This first week back pushed me so close to the point of walking out that it is scary. Anyway I will push through and hopefully not be hospitalized before things come right.

Burnout is not a pretty thing.

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