Back to Work… And Some.

Back to Work… And Some.

Hey everyone.

So today is officially back to work prep. I’ve really enjoyed having some downtime and I now know what my next steps are in my career. I also know the changes I need to affect to get myself healthy once again. Some of them involve me managing my downtime better and spending more time recovering.

This year (2020) I intend on doing the things I love with my family. I intend on Getting a new Mountain Bike and taking it out at least twice per week. My daughter has proven that she too enjoys cycling so this is something we can enjoy together.

We really need to spend more time taking care of ourselves as we get older.

This year I have already enrolled in the Huawei Exam for Routing and Switching and should be writing that exam in less than 2 weeks :-).

I have also already completed a Whitehat Hacking Coarse for this year on 1st Jan 2020. 😉

Anyway my first day was filled with interesting ideas and new beginnings for the year. Lets get cracking, and watch this space for some interesting IT, Networking and Cyber Security articles coming your way soon.

Have a great year everyone.


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