My Newly Acquired Dmm’s

My Newly Acquired Dmm’s

Those of you that know me well know that despite me being an it engineer I am also an electronics engineer. Despite me working full time as a firewall, server and routing switching engineer and architect I still have a deep love and passion for electronics and would love to build this up as a hobby again.

In so saying I have slowly been picking up some nice equipment to get me started back in electronics and electronics dev as a hobby. I acquired my first DMM since loosing everything awhile ago. It’s not much but it works. The Major Tech

This unit is fairly straight forward and easy to use but I find it’s prone to induction from power and transformers which badly affects its ac readings when measuring small ac signals.

I have resorted to using this more as an electrical meter around the home.

I then picked up this gem for a great price and love it. It’s a dmm and insulation as well as earth resistance tester.

I have also purchased several fluke meters, mostly for resale. I have however been on the hunt for my favorite meter, the Fluke 117 Andy finally I found one on the last day of 2019.

Now the above 3 are all that I need in dmm form in order for me to do my repairs and designs as a hobby once again. 😊

Happy Dee

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