Home Network – Rebuilding

Home Network – Rebuilding

So I am finally making some headroom on my home network. I have recently acquired some decommissioned equipment through a friend of mine so I decided to revamp the home network completely. I also recently acquired a new Mikrotik Cloud Core switch so decided some large changes are in order. So here goes.

Microtik Cloud Router / Switch (Layer 2 and 3)

Step one, do I use the CloudCore as my router? No I decided not to as the performance WAN to LAN of my HexS still kills it. But this is at to be expected as this was originally more a layer 2 switch / layer 3 advanced switch with routing capability. So I decided to run it in Layer 3 RouterOS but use it as a managed switch.

I uplink between the HexS and this main switch using 10Gb SPF Modules with Multimode Fibre. Using this fast link I create the VLANS on my Core Router and route them all down the fibre as below:

From the above you can see the main Eth ports are used as WAN interfaces to link the various LTE and Fibre into my Network. From here I can choose where to breakout. Then off the SFP I have created the VLANS running down to the managed Cloud Core Switch.

The above is the cloud switch uplinks. Then A simple matter of bridging the VLAN to whichever ports I want to connect to the specified VLAN.

This keeps things relatively simple and straightfwd. I have tested and get fantastic throughput end to end through these VLANS.

From the Cloud Core Switch I have my Unifi Wireless Network running on VLAN2, My Home LAN running on VLAN 3 which is mostly for my wifes home business. Then VLAN 4 is my Lab which links to the GB WAN port on a Cisco 891F. This device powers my home VOIP phones and is used for me to play with various network ideas and such. VLAN 5 is My guest wifi network and currently does not operate on my HOME VLAN. It is kept seperate. This links down to a Sophos XG Firewall where I manage what my guests can and cannot do. I also have my daughter connected on a seperate wifi also routed through the XG where I can limit what she is exposed to.

The secondary wifi and guest wifi networks are 2 seperate Virtual wifi interfaces running on an RB951G router. My main network is on a Unifi Solution. I am still setting the UNIFI up but just some info. My Unifi controller is installed on a Digital Ocean Droplet and manges my home wifi as well as my mother in laws home Unifi AP. This gives me full remote access to all my internal wifi systems. I am not a big fan of Unifi Switches but I like their wifi Solution.

I still have 2 more APS to connect to this solution and refuse to use them meshed. I tested this but did notice a large degradation on the wireless performance. So I am just waiting to cable out the last 2 devices.

Then I have a small Mikrotik Hap Lite Router setup in full bridge with the wireless setup as a station. This small device sits in my room to link up the bedroom DSTV decoder to the Wifi in my home. It also used the VLAN 3 Network to accomplish this. Keeping it separately managed from my main wifi.

Here is a brief overlook of my network in video.

I will be pushing out better and newer video content as I grow again. My old channel is still running but I no longer operate that business, going on two years and I have had to rebuild myself on so many levels. So keep reading and keep watching for new and exciting content. 🙂

Cheers for now.

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