Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Hey everyone.

Was just laying in bed thinking about how mobile devices have changed our lives. We have become so used to reading the news or articles on our mobile devices. Right now I am writing this post using my Samsung Galaxy tab. I enjoy this little 8 inch device for many reasons. It has dual band wifi for testing link builds etc in the field, it is a tough tab meaning it can handle some rain and water and is fairly tough. The best part is it has a pen. Similar to my Galaxy Note 9 cell phone which I’ll get to shortly.

A few years back if you had some thoughts you would either have to whip out your laptop or right some notes which often time never made it onto your blog. Well now you pickup, login and type away. You can even sketch or draw, plan and so much more while checking on your email and popping a message off to family on Facebook. Crazy world we live in.

I work in the it and tech industry so I fully understand how it is all put together. I get how it works and yet it still amazes me how far we have come over the last few years.

I make use of 4 mobile devices, well 5 actually.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9

I am in love with the s-pen on this device and with my eye site starting to fail I can still read on the large screen.

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Simply one of the best camera phones I have ever used. I also use this phone to record my vlogs.

  • Samsung Galaxy tough 8

My main reading and testing tab.

  • Ipad mini

More a toy but used mostly for work emails and projects. It basically replaces my notepad. I use it in meetings for making notes and such but tend to forget about it and use my diary or notebook instead but I am trying to use it more.

I also carry a top of the range Huawei portable LTE which all of these devices can connect to in case one of their sims run out of data.

Although I have reduced my sim cards down to 4.

2 work sim cards in dual sim note 9

1 personal sim in mate 20 pro

1 personal sim in ipad mini.

The Samsung tab connects to wifi and even though it can use an LTE sim I do not use one in this device.

How do you use your mobile devices?

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