Moving Home

Moving Home

So the time has finally come for us to start planning to move home. I have been where I am for too long and have many many memories both good and bad from where I currently live. This is often times a source of much pain and depression for me so we have made the decision to find a new home and move.

That being said, means yet another clean start for me. In less than 2 years I feel like I have rebooted my entire life twice and honestly just when I was starting to get back on track, things happen that force my hand yet again.

I know this move is going to set me back another 3 to 5 years to buy a new place now as I will not have the funds to build a credit history to buy. My family do not understand this. It means I will never be able to build up to where I was as I will be throwing money into someone else’s house.

Sometimes I feel like just throwing in the towel but then I see her smile, and it makes me want to keep trying. I will have to start doing electronics repairs in the evening to make extra money for us to be able to survive.

So be it.

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