Hey everyone.

A change from my usual chat about IT and tech stuff. Today I want to talk about something that I am finding more and more important in the modern digital world. Unplugging.

What exactly is meant by UnPlugging?

To get away from technology, Our Computers, cell phones, tablets, tv’s and all the electronics devices that we spend so much time with and getting out there and spending time with our friends, family and loved ones. I personally spend an enormous amount of time working on servers, networks, routers and other electronics stuff as this is what my job entails. When I get home I used to then move on to playing with the exact same stuff. I still do as I enjoy playing with tech and it is my passion however I have lately been trying more and more to not engage with the internet and such all the time.

I have started taking time outs where my phone lays on the table and is not touched or looked at for a few hours. I do not play on the home network but instead just be in the moment. Live in the moment. Be present.

I know life is not perfect but we need to take this time out to reflect on what has happened to us, what we are doing with our lives and just to give yourself that digital break.

I look fwd to my December holiday as I will be unplugging on a whole new level.

Take care out there.


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