My Goals for 2020

My Goals for 2020

Hey everyone.

So I am having a bit of a dilemma of late.

I have in the past been quiet successful at running my own business and have enjoyed the many challenges life has thrown at me however I also feel like I have had one or two rather heavy knocks and somehow I have managed to get back up again. How? Hell knows….

Anyway back onto topic. My goals for the up coming new year. Here goes.

  • Study for CCNP and get certified by February.
  • Complete my Masters in Electrical Engineering. Electronics.
  • Build my home Lab back up to at least what is used to be.
  • Take up a new Hobby.
  • Take more photos of my world and life.
  • Share my feelings more openly.
  • Forgive myself for my mistakes and the wrongs I have done.

There are more things but these are kind of the highlights.

Here’s to 2020 being the most amazing year.

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