My Gadgets of Choice.

My Gadgets of Choice.

Hey everyone.

Most engineers now days seem to have a selection of tools and gadgets which we carry with us and use fairly often or daily. I thought what an opportunity to chat a little about these gadgets.

Firstly this list differs from person to person as most have a personal selection of gear that they like to keep with them. My personal choice of EDC or everyday carry gear has changed a lot over the years. Previously I used to carry a full size mirrorless camera and kit along with my laptop etc but with phone cameras improving to the point that they are actually outperforming professional gear, this list has definitely changed for the better. Let check out my selection and the reason for each item:

  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
My Main Phone and quiet possibly one of the best devices I have ever owned.

The Mate 20 Pro is one mean machine mobile device. This device eats through everything I throw at it on a daily basis and comes back for more.

The main plus with this device is it has a spectacular camera and video recording capabilty even in very low light. I love this phone.

  • iPhone 8
iPhone 8 – Not as nice as the Mate 20 Pro but great for when you want something light in hand.

The iPhone 8 is not my main phone but I do make use of it for work and such. Its basically the phone I use when going out cycling or hiking. It has a fairly decent camera and spec and works really well. It also teams up nicely with my iPad. I am however not a fan of iPhones.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active
The Galaxy Tab Active 8 inch is new but cool.

This device I generally use only for work related stuff like wifi testing, Mikrotik and router configs etc. Its more of a nice rugged toy. I do tend to use it for drawing network diagrams as the Pen that is included works quiet well.

  • iPad Mini 2 – 64Gb
I have always enjoyed the form factor and size of the 8 inch iPad.

This iPad is my main email, blogging and all around actually doing work device. Its not quiet a laptop but it can do around 70% of what I need to do on a daily basis. Love it and will always keep it on hand.

I also carry an Asus 8th Gen Core i5 which is my field laptop and work laptop. This device is used mostly when I am not in the office behind my dual screen setup.

Then so far as tools go, I carry the below with me.

  • Cat5e/Cat6 Network Crimping Tool
  • Ethernet Cable Tester
  • A MultiBit Screwdriver – Good quality one
  • A High powered LED Torch
  • Assortment of cables and connectors such as RJ45’s

Then last but most certainly not least the below:

  • Leatherman OHT – Camo Version with Camo Pouch
My Leatherman OHT in Camo. Awesome Multitool but would love to get the surge again.

This tool and other leatherman tools have saved my butt on many occasions when on site and at clients premises. These tools are amazing and I highly recommend them to not only engineers but anyone wanting something useful on them at all times.

  • Wera – Toolcheck Kit
Amazing Mini Toolkit

This is a recent kit I received as a gift from my wife. She knows the things I enjoy using. Video reviews of all of these items will be coming soon to this blog. Keep watching.

Take care.

REVISION 2.0 – 11 November 2019

So besides everything above pretty much remaining the same, I have changed the iPhone 8 for and iPhone 7 Plus as I found the 8 a little small for my hands.

I also carry a small pocket knife for opening boxes etc.

The 7 Plus just fills the gap on the screen size just enough for me to want to keep it. 🙂

Cheers for now.

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