Network Changes – Home.

Network Changes – Home.

Hey everyone.

So with all the changes that I have been making I have made a few more decisions to how I will be running the home network. One of the largest changes will be me adding proper access points instead of using a Mikrotik router. This way I should get better throughput. Don’t get me wrong, the Mikrotik RB951G is an amazing AP but its also wasted in its current role.

The next large change comprises an additional 8 Port Gigabit (High Throughput) switch being added to the home network portion. This switch will allow the home phone as well as wireless AP’s to connect properly. It will also allow the DSTV to connect to the internet.

The next portion entails installing my previously bridged Cisco to my secondary lab network. This network comprises phones, pc’s and other routing / switching devices which I use to test multiple services in and out.

I also have a 3rd lab network off the 2nd lab network with its own wifi and such which I use to do throughput testing and such using an inside and outside mikrotik with the device under test sitting between them.

Still a long ways to go to get everything where I want it.

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