Cisco 891F as a Switch.

Cisco 891F as a Switch.

So with many changes taking place on my home network and lab I thought i would post an update on some of my experimenting as I go.

As mentioned before, the reason I switch from a Cisco 891F to Mikrotik was due to the fact that I could not get more than 51Mbps through the WAN to LAN on the Cisco. I believe this is a limitation of this specific branch office router. I therefore run the Hex S as my core router until I upgrade it to a 4011 later this year at which time ill turn the Hex S into a Dude Server for further playing.

Back on topic, I bridged the Cisco Router as it has a nice built in switch and did not want to loose out on it having 4 x Gigabit POE ports and 4 x Gigabit standard ports as well as having 2 WAN ports and a SFP Port. I thought about bridge the GIGABIT Wan onto the switch VLAN so that I could use it as a nice mini switch for my Lab Environment but was a little concerned about max throughput on said bridge. Well how would one test this? I already have my Hex S at the core with the network running off it as a separate network. So I placed a spare Mikrotik I had laying about on onto the Lan Switch of the Cisco while placing the uplink WAN Gigabit port onto the LAN port of the Hex S so essentially I am going to run tests from mikrotik to mikrotik through this bridge interface to check performance and I must say I am happy. Its not perfect but fast enough for my lab. Speedtest MT to MT below:

Noted from the above that the old 493G Mikrotik CPU taps out pretty quickly on TCP throughput while my Hex S runs around 50 percent on TCP throughput. On UDP download they sit side by side and i could comment on the udp upload droppong off and the 493 again tapping out on CPU but the reason for this test was to see if the Cisco operating as a switch would be efficient or if it would again have throughput issues. The good news is that it works more or less as I had hoped and good enough for the lab network environment.

On my normal network I have installed a TP Link 8 Port Gigabit switch and am happy with that for my home network. Mind you I may move that into another subnet as the RB951G with 5 ports is sufficient for my home network as we use mostly wifi on that side of things. So yes again, the switch not really needed on that side for the moment.

More news to follow as we find new and effective solutions to networking.

Have a great day all.

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